Simplifying Senior Care ​ for Baby Boomers' Caregivers

HelpMyBoomer is your dedicated resource for navigating the challenges of caregiving for aging parents. Created for the GenXers and millennials facing the silver tsunami, our platform offers guidance, support, and a community for those in the “Sandwich Generation.

Our caregiver toolkits and senior care planner deliver helpful steps, checklists, and family discussion guides on topics from chronic illness management, to senior housing and downsizing and everything in-between: including how to avoid the family drama!

Two elderly individuals in their seventies and their two adult children in their forties sit around a dining table, discussing medical decision-making documents such as Power of Attorney for Health Care and Advance Directives.
Healthcare Decisions
Long Distance Caregiving
Long Distance Caregiving
African American elderly couple with grey hair and their adult children with brown hair stand in front of a large suburban house, looking at a PODS storage container and moving boxes in the driveway, symbolizing the transition of baby boomers downsizing.
Housing & Downsizing
Digital illustration of a vibrant tree symbolizing family legacies, with roots and branches integrating icons such as a microphone with sound waves, a cloud with multimedia symbols, connected points on a globe, and an open book with a feather pen, representing various memory preservation mediums.
Legacy Planning

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We researched the best senior products and services from home care to online will platforms.

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A short description of the service and how the visitor will benefit from it.

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A directory of reviewed seniors service providers.

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