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Welcome to MyBoomer – the ultimate collection of action figures celebrating the Baby Boomer generation! From the zen gardener to the rock ‘n’ roll aficionado, each figure captures the essence of a classic Boomer persona with intricate detail and personality. As you explore our range, you’ll marvel at how these miniatures seem to bring to life the spirit of an entire generation.

But wait, there’s a twist! MyBoomer isn’t just a collection; it’s a parody, a playful homage to the colorful and diverse lifestyles of Boomers. These figures are all in good fun, a lighthearted take on the traits we’ve come to associate with this influential era.

Got a great idea for a Boomer figure we’ve missed? We’d love to hear it! Scroll down to find our suggestion form and share your creative ideas. Who knows, your contribution might just become the next star of our MyBoomer parody collection!

Give us your best idea for a MyBoomer® action figure and yours could be the next action figure of the month. Don’t forget to include the quinticcential accessories!

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